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Ahh.. done with that week. I'm taking tomorrow off of work to spend more time at home with my wife on our aniversary. 5 wonderful years.

We finally tracked down one of the bugs I was looking into at work. This stage of the project is not very satisfying. We finally got to root cause(a bug in SGI's CXFS) and they will work on a patch. We can't actually take the patch because that would be too risky. We just have to put in a workaround to bypass CXFS in the conditions which cause the bug. Even then we can't actually do that. We just figure out what to do and wait for someone to encounter the bug and ask a fix.

I was given a pair of Red Sox tickets earlier this week. Emily doesn't want to go. I've invited Bill, but he won't know if he has a softball playoff game that night until closer to the game. So... anyone who doesn't mind being a second choice and wants to see the Sox beat some obscure Canadian team(just kidding) let me know.

The in-laws picked up some steaks for dinner tonight, so I fired up the grill. We did half a batch of teriyaki and half with Sweet Baby Ray's BBQ sauce. Turned out pretty good. I didn't actually try the teriyaki ones.

The rest of our Amazon order arrived so I've started reading the latest Dresden Files book, Proven Guilty. I'm still working on Charlotte's Web too.

Aiyre really likes the Winamp Visualizer output. She's really absorbed by the random setting.

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