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My current condition by the numbers..

Height : 182 cm
Weight : 102.5 kg
Age : 33.79 years
Email file size : 51.75 Meg
Offspring : 2
Retirement Savings : 11% of goal
College Savings : 1.3% of goal
Blood Pressure : 135/95
Exercise : 30 minutes of walking over last 7 days
Vacation Time : 60 hours left of 160 total
Telephones : 3 (only 2 in use)
Televisions : 1 (only 0 which get channels)
Telecommute : 0 days per week
Public Transit : 0 days per week
Commute Time : 34 minutes this morning
Cars : 2 (prius / civic hybrid)
Education : 66 hours in training classes over the last 12 months, plus informal education

I guess I'm almost half way dead. I think I'm only expected to live to 68. I'm almost 34. What have I accomplished? What do I want to do with the time left? How do you avoid going insane with the slow decline till you die? I guess if I want to extend my time left I need to work on my numbers. Drop some weight, lower the BP, gain some exercise.

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