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Aiyre is sick today. We went into get her this morning and found two separate pukes. Gross. She's puked up everything she's eaten so far today(a handful of saltines and a tortilla). So far the rest of us are fine. Justin skipped the game last week because he had some sort of nasty intestinal thing which required antibiotics. Hopefully he didn't give it to us. I expect that she just got something from school and that the rest of us will be sick within a couple days.

I hit the bank to deposit my escrow refund and a generous aniversary gift from the inlaws. I also returned the AC leak detector and hose to AutoZone.

I got Carbon Monoxide detectors and installed them this morning. I also bought a replacement light fixture for the bathroom and have been fighting with it since this morning. This new fixture is intended to be mounted directly to the electric fixture box. Upon removal of the old fixture I found no box, just three wires coming out of the wall. So.. no mount point. Okay. I buy a box and prepare to install it.

Smash open the drywall next to a handy stud, found with my stud finder. Okay. Widen the hole so the box will fit. Damn. The stupid drainage pipe from the shower runs just in the way. I could squeeze a small box in but it would stick out and/or wouldn't be straight. Damn. The box doesn't have any mounting hole in it either. The only ones are on the back, like I'd mount it sideways on the stud. I drilled a couple hole in the box and mount it to the stud. Now I just need to wire it and hang the stupid fixture.

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