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I've decided I'm not going into Boston on Monday for the MRI. Emily is going to call and reschedule. If we have a little luck the tunnels will be open again.

I noticed in Framingham I drive by Mark Friend DMD. I thought, hey I know a Mark Friend. I thought he was a chemist, not a dentist. Recently I noticed the sign actually says 'Mark Fried DMD'. Ooops.

We got our escrow refund from the mortgage company. I guess we have to start paying the property taxes ourselves now.

I checked the Prius engine and there are two possible AC addition spots. Emily checked one with a pencil and we have pressure in the AC system. So, I decided not to add more refrigerant and to instead get it serviced. I'm guessing that the compressor or something is broken or the wiring disconnected. Maybe just wait till the winter and sell it.

I need to get over to Home Depot over lunch and look for something to re-attach the light fixture in the bathroom. It is jsut sitting, stacked up on soup cans right now.

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