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I stopped on the way home from work to give blood last night. I kept missing my chance at work because of vacation of having a cold/flu.

Emily got the alarm thingy fixed. I'm not sure exactly how to fix the light fixture thing. Seems like its going to be a bit of a mess. It will probably have to wait till I can get to it in the daytime, as I'll probably have to turn of the power so I don't blind myself/kill myself.

At least I get a free lunch today. Section meeting. Its also payday. Nice. At some point I think I'm going to pick up a new computer. None of the new cool games run on it. I started looking through some customize a computer and buy it parts on dell just to see what they have and I don't really know what I want. Some of it just seems insane. Normally I'd say get as much memory as possible. Okay 64gb is only $48,000 extra. Holy cow.

Feeling very tired and unmotivated this morning.

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