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Falling Apart

I stopped on the way home to get the oil changed on the Honda Civic Hybrid. We also asked them to look at the rear seat belt which wouldn't retract. It is jammed and frayed. There is a lifetime warrenty and a new one is on order. I'll have to bring the car back in a week or so for a couple hours.

The baby pulled the telephone wires out from the wall and disconnected the alarm system. So glad he was being supervised. Need to get new connectors to reconnect the telephone line and get it tucked back in.

Walked into the bathroom and the light fixture above the sick had fallen off the wall. Once of the mounts had disconnected and the other had ripped/cracked and was just barely hanging on. Hopefully it won't fall and break/shatter the lights. We stacked some cans underneath it to support it a little till we could fix it.

The A/C on the Prius still seems broken. When I get a chance I'll have to try and fill it. Everything is so tightly packed into the engine compartment I may not have access to fill it. Probably several days of labor to just get at the components.

Aiyre was just flipping out today because she couldn't have any more Yogurt Covered Raisin. Whine Whine, Cry Cry.

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