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Okay.. so here is the deal... you get 10 points for a 12 pack of cans and 3 points for a bottle of coke. You go to the web site and enter the code. You can enter up to 10 codes per day. The contest runs from June 15th to Sept 7th.

That is 16+31+31+7 = 85 days. At most you can get 10 codes per day and the most valuable code is 10 points. So.. 8500 points.

So.... Why are their items you can trade in points for that require more than 8500 points?

ie "eCoupon for a Sony® Platinum DVD Dream® System (DAV-LF1)" - 11500 points
"Play Golf at Pebble Beach Resorts® " - 26000 points
"5-Day Trip for Two to Hawaii, Mexico, Caribbean or any U.S. Domestic Destination Including Alaska" - 26000 points

Hardly matters to me. I don't event have 100 points yet.

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