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We ordered a humidifier from Amazon. It was 144.99 with free shipping. A "Soleus Air CFM-25E 25-Pint Dehumidifier with Humidistat". We mostly need it for downstairs. The dishwasher seems to add quite a bit of humidity to the air. It just always seems sticky downstairs. We ordered a book and a couple movies at the same time. They are all expected about July 24th.

Justin isn't going to make the Vampire game today. He's on antibiotics for some intestinal thing. Not sure Andrea is coming. He called her but only got voice mail. I guess we'll find out soon. Its about 4 minutes till she would show up.

Aiyre and I have been hitting Lake Park everyday so far. With no game this afternoon we'll probably go back again. I've been looking and listening for Norm's Noise Maker, but have not seen it yet. I guess we tend to go just before noon and Norm isn't likely to even be awake yet. Maybe we'll see him this afternoon.

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