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Thursday again. That means the DRB and those wacky Brits. That telecon is really the most fun of all the meetings. Lots of bickering, name calling and British accents.

We still have not solved the problem I was kept in MA to solve. We have reproduced it a couple times and now we are working with SGI to make patch so that the system writes readable core dumps. Only after that can we make progress towards actually fixing the problem.

I intended to buy a bunch of Raytheon shares prior to the dividend disbursement date so I would get a bigger check. However, after buying the shares on the 10th, the price went up 75 cents a share on the 11th. So.. I sold those shares and made 3 times the amount I would have made on the dividend. Wow is our stock price volatile.

I'm getting wiped out at work. I need a couple days off and some shorter days. I'll probably end up at about 20 hours OT this week. *sigh* Too much stress. Then of course they have some bit on the news about heart attacks and crap so now I'm worried at the same time.

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