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I'm on my own for lunch today. All my buddies have section meetings, which their various managers decided should all be at Acapulco's. I'll probably end up walking down to Thai Avenue.

I may be going to Beale AFB in CA with work next year. The decision seems to flip-flopping. I would like to go, but it is up to my managers to decide where I am most needed.

The mentor-protege class was this morning. The exercises in the class make me quite uncomfortable. I was dressed a little to warmly for the class combined with the embarrassment factor made me quite warm. The fact that the instructors keep calling us the 'top talent' is a little disturbing as well as embarressing. Perhaps more so for the mentors who are not top talent and are in the class to help these people who are top talent become even better.

I hope the fact that I'm top talent means I'll get a good raise, but who knows.

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