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Freaking Managers

So yesterday we are supposed to be getting setup to work with SGI and get working on solving a problem, which seems to deal with IRIX reclaiming mlocked pages, or CXFS file cache reclaims or something techincal like that. The end result is the OS kills our application and we don't even get an error message or anything.

They cancelled my trip so I could help with this. Okay.. 7:30 meeting in my office where everyone comes by with their issues for the day. 9am meeting with George and SGI where george hands of the task to me and briefs SGI at the same time. 10am meeting with other leads to get up to speed on everyone elses favorite problem. 10:30 I managed Bill for an hour. Ate lunch. Read email. Looked at the data george made reference to. 1pm meeting with whole team including call ins. 2pm telecon with SGI to find out how much progress we have made and what tests were tried, etc. Not much to report because the system was still being setup/installed. Maybe by later that day. 3pm. Actually on the system and trying to see if it works. Some mount points still wrong. Cancel install, fix mount point, try again and again and again. 5pm. Check email on the way home. Find out there was supposed to be a 4pm status meeting.

WTF it had only been an hour since the last status meeting, how many do we need to have per day?

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