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Lucy and Charlie Brown. Thats what this makes me think of. Some jokester in Germany left a custom made soccer ball on the street with a sign(in german), "Can you kick it?". It turns out the ball was made of cement. Ouch.

Emily and I signed up for some Forgotten Realms play by message board game. I finished up my character for that yesterday. I went with the standard gnome paladin.

I'm at work again today. Now that my trip was cancelled I actually need to get caught up and on the ball again. *sigh* I don't think they have the A/C on today.

I didn't sleep well again last night. Lots of strange dreams and the feeling that I'd been suffering and having nightmares and restlessness. The biggest shock was after what felt like hours and hours of this I woke up to find it was only 100 minutes since I went to sleep. *sigh*

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