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Dad finally showed up. He brought Denise and Tristan with him. They got stuck driving up from Florida because of all the washed out bridges and such along the way.

We are going to hit the fireworks show in Northville dusk tonight and tomorrow. Hopefully Aiyre will like them. She loved the ones in Lincoln, CA. So... we'll see.

Took Tristan and Aiyre up to get an ice cream and then over for some swimming. They seemed to get along fine, though Tristan wanted to play with me more than her. Tristan is getting big and such and is getting to be a real trouble maker. A totally disrespectful little brat. Brandon is much better than him. Although I've never seen Brandon act out, so... the good Brandon is much better than the normal Tristan. I can't imagine the suffering involved in driving him from Florida to NY.

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