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I'm feeling kind of wiped out today. I seem to keep swapping between on-the-ball / energetic and tired / drained / sleepy.

Payday! While looking through my checkbook and online statement I noticed that Fidelity failed to deduct the $150 which was suppose to go into the 529. They must have gotten screwed up when I switched the account from Aiyre to Evan. *sigh* I'll have to look up the number and call them.

I still need to make airplane and hotel reservations for the trip to LA in early July. I guess I should really get that done today. The program doesn't start till like noon on Monday so I might be able to fly on Monday morning. But I doubt I can get there in time. Likewise the program ends at noon on Friday so I can catch a flight. Not sure how that is supposed to work. I expect checkout is at like 11am. I'll have to carry my bags around with me or something.

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