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I finished up Harry Potter(book 6). I still think that Snapes got some underlying evil but is working with the good guys. You catch a little more of the foreshadowing the second time around. I've now started Undead and Unwed by Janice Mary Davidson(I think). Kind of strange so far. I guess you'd expect that from the title.

I firmed up my plans for the next couple weeks. Jun 29th we have a dentist appointment followed by the Boston Autism MRI. After that Aiyre and I will be heading out to Mom's for the 4th of July. We'll be out there till the 5th. Sounds like dad will be up during that period too.

Once I get back I've got a couple days then I'm off to LA for that engineering thing. The whole thing will be at the hotel with an afternoon trip on one day to the actual Raytheon facility for a tour.

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