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Beach Fun?

I took Aiyre up to Lake Park yesterday. She played in the water and in the big pile of sand.

They brought in a couple cubic yards of sand to smooth out the beach. We wear water shoes in the water because its so rocky and because I keep finding broken glass.

The also brought in crushed rock and filled in at the base of the stair where run-off had dug a huge trench which was a bit of a hazard for the last couple years. Well, the recent rains had a dug the trench out a bit, or so I thought. Well, after a bit of reading and cooling myself in the water, a kid with a shovel was digging the crushed rock out and tossing it into the water. Like WTF?

I went over and explained to him what the stone was for and how it was a hazard and people could get hurt and the staircase could collapse. His mother chimed in and said that 'worse things could happen'. Well, sure they could, but he was causing them to happen. She seemed to think that I should mind my own damn business and leave them the F* alone. Who the F* was I to tell them what to do. I attempted to explain that I was a concerned citizen and as a citizen and taxpayer I not only had the right but the duty to do what I could to protect our parks.

She got really pissed and bad mouthed. She didn't seem to care that little kids were right there. Eventually her boyfriend/husband interjected that he thought this had gone far enough, but not before she explained to him that 'this was why people got shot, cause they didn't know when to just shut up'.

I assume that was meant as a threat. If she had a gun on her it was either really small or really well hidden. This went on for quite a while. Every time I thought it was done she just couldn't leave well enough alone and started the conversation up again. In the end I accomplished what I set out to. The kid stopped digging, although she never told him to. They eventually left us in peace.

We decided to avoid the park today and we played in the backyard with the hose and the wading pool. I caught up on my magazines and dig some weeding.

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