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"Congratulations, Kyle !

You have been selected to participate in the Systems Engineering Technical Development Program (SEtdp), a six week course conducted over a 14 month period to help prepare you for the technical engineering leadership challenges of tomorrow. This is an exciting opportunity for you, and I look forward to meeting you at session one.

Please reply to this email by June 9, 2006, confirming your participation in the program."

Hmm.. Well, I responded, late I guess, and told them I'll let them know. The schedule seems to have me flying all over the country for the next 14 months.

El Segundo, CA July 10th - July 14th
Woburn, MA September 25th - September 29th
Tucson, AZ December 10th - December 15th
Garland, TX March 5th - March 9th
McKinney, TX May 14th - May 18th
Washington DC August 6th - August 9th

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