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Monday morning. Things have been busy at work while I was away for the weekend and off on Friday. Lots of stuff going on and a new rush to get things done. Charlie called me at home Saturday night to get recommendations on people to call into work to get stuff done and to get people's home phone numbers. I

I've still got the hives thing going on. My bottom lip was swollen this morning. It seems a little better right now but I can still feel the tingle. The drugs pretty much control the itching which in turn controls the swelling. I hope Emily can get everything cleaned up today while I'm at work. We should vacuum, mop, dust, and launder everything.

Emily bought some hooks for the dryer box to help keep the doors on it shut. I've got to install those tonight and mount the box to the wall. Right now it's just sitting on a shelf, so it moves around a bit.

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