Lawful Evil (lawful_evil) wrote,
Lawful Evil

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Allergy Crap

I'm still having the allergic reaction to something. It seems to have spiked last night. I really had a lot of hives this morning. *pout* I'm taking benedryl which seems to make the hives not itch and makes them fade. Maybe we need to wash the sheets again.

Yesterday we went into Boston to the Be You medical campus for the MRI practice sessions and interviews. The BU bookstore there has lots of BU crap with their new slogan, "Be You". We left here about 9:15 and got home about 5:15. Lots of driving and such. Friday traffic out of Boston isn't very fun.

We are supposed to be playing again on Sunday, so I'll have to spend a little time getting things prepared. Its rainy, so Aiyre's going to get pretty annoying today. She didn't sleep well last night. She woke at about 1 and stayed awake till 5ish. She's still sleeping now. I woke up around 12:30 with itching, coughing and stuffy nose type of symptoms. I was sure I was getting sick again, but I feel fine now, other than the allergic reaction.

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