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Hm.. I wonder if they thought this day was evil back one June 6th, 1006? In a bit of humor, a remake of The Omen opens today.

I had an alergic reaction to something yesterday. Got hives and such on my arms and a rash on my arms and legs. My tongue swelled up and such. A change of cloths, some anti-histamines, and a night's rest later and I'm fine again. Well, maybe. I've got a strange tightness in my throat. I don't know if this is my mind making stuff up or what. I don't have the rash and itchyness I had last night.

We've been playing Elder Scrolls 3 Morrowind recently. Pretty fun. Will probably want to get number 4 if it runs on our computers(I doubt it). As Emily found out you can really hamstring yourself if you design a character and then try to play in a differant style than you designed. I would probably change things a little if I were to start over right now.

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