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Wipe out

Still sick. It took 2 hours of coughing and hacking to get to sleep last night. I'm still coughing and such this morning, but the amount of nasty green gunk has decreased. Both Evan and Aiyre woke up coughing. Emily is still sick. Evan's doctor appointment got cancelled because the doctor is sick. Must be going around.

I took Aiyre up to the lake for about 30 minutes of swimming and splashing. At that point she wanted to leave. I managed to read my book a little and I picked up another grocery bag full of garbage from the beach. It was almost as though I hadn't picked anything up over the weekend.

Rain coming soon. Hopefully it will cool off too. The dryer vent isn't 100%. The hallway was still warm and moist last night. I've been reading Systemic Shock by Dean Ing again and I re-watched HP4 last night. I was thinking about re-reading Order of the Phoenix next.

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