Lawful Evil (lawful_evil) wrote,
Lawful Evil

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Wack Job

I'm still sick. I mostly feel okay except for a persistant hacking cough. Emily and Aiyre are sick. They are in the slow sluggish tired phase still.

Aiyre was up about 5:10am this morning. I'm not sure if Emily is going to send her to school or not.

I took Aiyre up to Quinsig 4 times over the last couple days. The water is pretty cold but you get used to it/numb fairly quickly. They have the cojones to ask for 5 bucks a day to get in. Its really for parking in their lot, so I park on the street instead. I picked up 3 pieces of broken glass on the beach. I picked up enough trash on the beach to fill a grocery bag. I found a syringe floating in the water. Not to mention all the other trash which floated by during the day, bottles, juice containers, etc. Everyone else just looks at it and does nothing. I feel like the only one who cares about our resources.

I did manage to get somthing hooked up for the dryer and for the A/C(in our room). Of course with my cough I couldn't sleep in our room. I went downstairs so I wouldn't keep Emily up.

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