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So Newsweek in their wisdom(really just Keith Naughton) runs a story "Griping about Gas Prices... in a new SUV". Normally I'm totally for it. However they are drawing conclusions without all the facts, or so it seems...

Here is what they present...

2006 Accord Hybrid.. Sales down 69%. MPG 25/34. Cost to fillup 49.76(at $2.91/gallon)
2007 Escalade.. Sales up 127%. MPG 13/19. Cost to fillup 75.66(at $2.91/gallon)

They go on to claim that people will continue with the SUV thing until the gov't takes major action or the price rises to about $4 for at least a year. They claim that hybrids cost about 3 grand more and that 3 grand buys a lot of gas.

My thoughts...

Of course sales are down on the Accord Hybrid. The Accord(non hybrid) gets 26/34 and cost 12 grand less(18 something vs 30 something). Wow, lets pay 12 grand for worse mileage and higher maintenance costs.

Three grand more... Where does that come from? This one is 12 grand more than the non-hybrid. It is still a buttload less than the Escalade. The Escalade seems to be like 57 grand(no options), that would seem to be more than the hybrid, not less.

Maybe they should compare something like the Prius or Insight which actually get good mileage. 25/34 sucks. 55/51 is good, 60/66 is damn good.

When will people learn? I just have trouble understanding the reasons for most people wanting an SUV. I can see why some people need one(lots to haul off road, running a backwoods maid service, etc). Higher cost, increased insurance rates, decreased safety, etc. I'm going to have to have a chat will Mr. Bill and find out.

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