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We hung around the house for the most part yesterday. Some rain at times but Aiyre and I still managed a walk and I'mnow up to episode 19 of House season 2. I managed to watch the first 2 episodes of Buffy after bed time. I finished off a check registery and while transferring open items to the new one noticed the Brandon still had not cashed his birthday check from last year. WTF. I called Norm and he found it stashed somewhere in his house.

Well one thing led to another and about 10:30 were at Hurricane Betty's. It must have been girlfriend and lesbian night or something. There were more woman at the place then men(at times). We had a couple beers and hung out for a while. Being in the inner part of Worcester the crowd was more diverse, as were the dancers, than the other places Norm has gone before. I dropped him off and got home about 1:30.

I managed to sleep till about 7 when Aiyre started pounding and thumping and screaming and howling. *sigh* Made waffles for breakfast but we ran out of syrup. *sigh*

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