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Word on the street is that the flight test is sliding. Nothing official, but the proposed dates have moved from 7/1-7/30 to 8/15-9/15. I guess I'll now be around for the 4th of July. Hot Dogs and Ice Cream here I come.

Of course with that slide they may try to pull the august activities into July, which would be really really bad. In any case, I'm here at work on a Saturday.

The commute was much better this morning. I guess if the Pike was still closed I could bike to work without a lose of time. It would take about 2 hours to bike that distance(I think). I'd have to bike home then, which would really suck. I suppose I would lose weight, which would be good. I wouldn't be able to sit down the rest of the day, which would be bad.

Got some House and some MUD stuff done last night. Evan seems to know his name. He still likes to get into 'trouble'. Really loves wires and cables. 'Must pull and shake'

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