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My drive today really drove home the point I was making a couple days ago. 125 minutes to go 25 miles. Two freakin hours. A liquid methane truck rolled over at the 90-495 interchange this morning. I managed to avoid the situation on the way to work this morning.

The way home really sucked. The road down into Framingham was pretty slow, but once there Route 9 was a parking lot. They were forcing everyone off of the Pike and onto Route 9 right there. I got stuck with everyone out to 495. Once there it got worse as everyone that was on 495 and wanted to head west got off and joined us. I slipped off onto Route 20 when I got a chance but that road was packed too.

This really added to my 6.4 days per year stuck in traffic. If it was this way everyday I would move within a month. No doubt about it. I'd be willing to take an expensive house right near work even if it was perhaps a risk, from a budget standpoint.

Time for a drink. Emily and Aiyre are sick and I don't feel great. Aiyre keeps crapping her pants and we are getting pissed. I'm feeling like I've got that gastroenteritis thing again. My gut hurts quite a bit.

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