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The back gutter got clogged up again. So, I was up on a ladder last night during a brief rain-free period about 7pm. Got it unclogged but it still has problems with cling. Water coming off the roof clings to the edge and goes around the gutter and drips off the bottom instead. They neglected to put a bead of sealant up before attaching the gutter. I've got some but I need a dry day to do it. Actually it needs to be dry for a couple days in a row.

I'm up to season 2, episode 10 of House. I should get more from Mark today. I was also messing around with my MUD last night. Just playing around with one of my test characters. I just noticed that the pack of rabid dogs which wanders the town punches instead of bites and claws. ooops. Fixed that anyway. They've been there for how long and no one noticed or mentioned it.

I pretty much slept right through the night, once Aiyre quieted down, for once. Got my dividend check fomr Raytheon yesterday. Seems like it was a lower amount than last time. Maybe I sold off some shares. I did exercise my options a couple days ago at about $47.12 and, of course, it has gone up since then.

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