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Aiyre and I are heading out to Schenectady this weekend. Sounds like the game on Sunday may be up in the air, so we may stay late at mom's house for Mother's Day. Sounds like rain for the weekend, not sure what the NY forecast is. May have to hit the mall to let Aiyre run around. At least with all the rain I won't have to water the grass seed for a couple days.

I've been trying to convert Aiyre's 529 over to Evan, but I'm getting tangled in the paperwork. The account is in my name with Aiyre as the Beneficiary. The law is setup so you can't just change benes, you have to open a new account and then transfer the funds. Seems like a loophole. If you can do it with a lot of paperwork why not just allow it to be done in an easy fashion.

There is supposed to be a townhall meeting at 4pm today, so I may have to stay that late to attend. Who knows, maybe there will be free food too.

I woke up at 3:30 and couldn't get back to sleep. Aiyre got up at 4:15. She didn't really get back to sleep but was quiet for 10-15 minutes on occasion. When I went in to quiet her at 4:20 she had taken off her PJs and was jumping on the bed. *sigh*

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