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Thumbdrive delivered to Mark.

On the way up I got attacked by Kathy. She pulled me into her office and want to know why I wanted to get onto CJR instead of SRP. She was nice and polite about the whole thing but wanted to know what was going on. Why in the world would I want CJR? Don't I know its screwed up? She kind of brushed aside my philosophical / moral / political complaints about SRP. I attempted to explain my viewpoint. She grew up in Taiwan and has a very emotional point of view when it comes to that situation. I understand her management arguments for putting me on SRP.

I'm going to continue to push for CJR while she pushes for SRP. I would also like a change. Work with some new people and work on some new tasks. SRP is mostly populated with UEWR people, as required by the SRP contract.

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