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Goal #1 Aiyre will increase he cognitive skills and classrom performance of desired tasks/activities.
  • Aiyre will generalize skills learned in ABA sessions to the school environment.
  • Aiyre will answer yes/no questions with increase accuracy and with decreasing prompts/cues.
  • Aiyre will write her last name independently.
  • Aiyre will transition with her class with decreasing teacher prompts.

    Goal #2 Aiyre will increase her peer interactions and attend to tasks/instruction in duration and exchanges maintaining eye contact.
  • attend to whole group instruction perions with drecreasing prompts and cues
  • engage in cooperative game activity with 1-2 peers, increasing in duration and number of appropriate exchanges verbal and/or action
  • initiate peer interactions and greetings with decreasing prompts and cues
  • generalize play schemes learned in ABA sessions to the school environment
  • follow a picture activity schedule

    Goal #3 Aiyre will increase her receptive and expressive communications, in order to improve communication with adults and peers
  • Verbally offer a greeting/farewell to an adult or peer, given reduced cuing(imitation, verbal reminder), in 7/10 oppertunities
  • Answer a yes/no question with reduced cueing (imitation, choice, independently), in 7/10 trials
  • Follow a 1 step instruction with reduced cueing (hand over hand, model, point, independently), in 7/10 trials
  • Imitate a single word or short phrase when modeled by the therapist, in 7/10 trials

    Goal #4 Aiyre will independently complete a teacher presented worksheet with minimal to no assistance within the time frame of her peers.
  • Aiyre will form presented letters in a variety of media with minimal to no assistance
  • Aiyre will complete a 2-3 step fine motor activity involving cutting with minimal to no assistance
  • Following a sensory motor activity Aiyre will complete a drawing activity within a defined space with minimal to no cueing.
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