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Free lunch and section meeting today. My stomach has been feeling bloated and sore for the last couple hours. Maybe I got a bad piece of chicken or something. I've got to go in early tomorrow to cover my administrative crap and prepare the people covering for me while I'm in training. I'll have to stay late after the class to clean up any messes created during the day.

I talked to my section manager after the meeting today. I found out my payraise amount and gently pushed to get off UEWR before its too late. Why can't I just be one of the worker bees. He keeps pushing for being a team lead, section manager, integration lead, etc. I just want to write some freaking code. What is so wrong with that? At least I got 194% of the average raise. The dollar amount is probably about average for my raises over the years. I'd have to go back and look it all up. The percentage is much smaller, but the salary the percent is based on is a lot larger.

We had the IEP from the school to review. I have not reviewed it yet and I had planned on asking Kate to take a look at it so we could change it while we still had a chance. However, Emily signed the form and sent it in. We did not discuss it at all, I guess she figured I read it and had no comments. I doubt we can get the form back and have to suffer through crappy goals for another year or pay to hold another IEP meeting and get the crap corrected. Emily says she didn't know I wanted to review it and that I'd never wanted to review it before. Hello? I always take off of work to attend the meeting where we go over the goals. I still need to get myself added as a parent. I guess we need to find out how to ammend the freaking thing.

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