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Airport bound

I volunteered to drive Roger to the airport tonight after work so he can pick up his rental car. He managed to get a license today. I guess his wife did it for him on-line. If you know what I mean. ;)

I've made my flight arrangements for my first home visit. March 11th at 12:30 am, I leave sacramento for DFW and then on to Logan. Sunday at 5:15, I leave Boston to return. All in all I should spend about 3 days with Emily and Aiyre.

I guess I'll need Emily to set the security system alarm to something I know. She will be dropping Aiyre at school on thursday when I arrive home. I should be able to pick Aiyre up from school, which will be really cool, and now that I've thought about it I am looking forward to.

I still really miss them. :(

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