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Finished up Season 2 of Buffy. I'll need to take a trip out to visit KKB and my mother to return season 1 & 2. Maybe they have a Season 3 I can borrow. Emily was talking about renting it. Ouch, I think Blockbuster rents them a disk at a time.

I'm getting caught up on work. I stayed late yesterday, with plans to take time on Friday for the IEP. I think dauphinous said it was at 10:30. I'll probably need to stay late on Thursday as well to get all the time I need. ryoga77 came up at work yesterday. We are having trouble with the SPG4 stuff he did and wanted to contact Phil Huggins. No one seems to have a contact number or even know who he works for.

The government is looking to pull in our schedule for the next flight test and the final build delivery to Fylingdales. I'm guessing that means it'll get busy real soon. Mr. Spongebob is planning to come to my 1pm meeting today to push everyone to get busy.

I'm planning to leave on time today. Not sure how that plan is going to work out. I don't actually do much for the project. I do a lot of work, I just don't feel like I add value to our product. Well, I need to get some breakfast.

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