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Looks like the gasoline producers are phasing out MTBE. With luck the local stations will stop stocking gasoline with MTBE in it. We currently have at be picky about where we buy our gas to avoid it.

Of course, the rest of the news story claims that this phase out is causing gasoline shortages. I don't see the connection in the story or why those two facts are being linked. The shortages in the north-east are caused by a ruptured gas pipeline, the "Plantation Pipeline".

Switching from MTBE to ethanol requires that stations empty their tanks and 'scrub' them clean.

Anyway... its Friday. Gas prices are around $2.80. The queen of England turns 80. Russian 7.7 magnitude earthquake. Ouch. Hu heckled during visit. Yeah, take that.

From CNN...
'Bush also reiterated his support for the "one China" policy regarding China's renegade province, Taiwan. "We don't support an independent Taiwan," Bush said.

Hu called Taiwan "an inalienable" part of Chinese territory, pledging to seek a peaceful reunification while resolving never to allow Taiwan to "secede from China by any means."'

Hard to support the 1 Chine policy and sell arms to the rebels in the rogue province at the same time, but we are doing it.

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