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Todays activity is a movie in West Boylston. Think they are showing Curious George. *sigh* I had hoped it would be something good. They had Chicken Little last time. I expect this to be worse.

It is supposed to be really nice today. So, after the movie I expect we'll be outside playing for a bunch of the day. I got my RC car out yesterday. I had charged it the day before. It drained really quick. Today I'm going to charge it right before I use it.

At some point I need to get over to Home Depot. I need some brackets for mounting the exhaust piping into the attic. It seems that you are now required by MA law to have a CO detector. All we have is smoke detectors so I'll need to get two of those and get them installed.

Last night I finished up the single player Call of Duty 2 campaigns. I'm not sure what I'll try to finish off next. Maybe Far Cry or Icewind Dale 2.

I've just started into Incubus Dreams after finishing the previous bunch of Anita Blake Vampire Hunter books. It seems that while I was waiting for these to get loaned back to us we had a couple books which I had not read yet. I read a couple new ones and finally said something. They keep referring back to events in previous books which I thought I read, but didn't. So, I just went back and finished those off. Everything makes more sense now.

Hmm.. .still need a vampire userpic.

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