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Saturday again. Yippie. Only managed 5227 steps yesterday. Ah, well, at least I was above half.

Aiyre slept through the night. Yeah! Mom is coming out to visit today. She'll get to see Evan crawling around and such. Between school and home we've managed to get Aiyre to count and recognize the numbers. She can go to 6. The 'words' are not really understandable except Tu. They sound like, "Own, Tu, Sh-ry, Sore, Sigh, Ses"

I don't really know if she knows what they mean, but she'll label the digits for you. She'll also take her banana chips and lay them out on the edge of the table and count as she goes. I wonder if there is some way to post a sound file...

The virus scanner had 2 megs to download over the dialup connection so I've been playing Nethack. I'm now Qbert, the level 2 dwarven valkerie. Tada! Damn thing failed in the middle and I have to start it over. Doh.

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