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I've decided I just don't care. I'm going to send out an email to some people around here letting them know that I'm going to be backing off on the job a bit in order to get my stress and work/home relationship in line.

I'm attempting to stay relaxed and realize that it will all be over soon enough. We won a bunch of contracts related to UEWR which provides work out to like 2010 or something. However, once the project moves to Woburn, I'm gone. Yippie.

Last night I could feel the stress building as I thought of all the various things at work which needed my attention. I was getting overwhelmed and totally stressed out and I was supposed to be at home having fun with my family. I just couldn't get the work crap out of my mind.

When I shaving last night, during Aiyre's bath, my left arm was a bit numb and kind of weak. All I could think of was that I was having a heart attack or some crap. Just what I needed. Of course once you get your mind on something like that you start feeling the rest of the symptoms too. I think the arm was just that way from my laying on the floor reading.

All the same I think it is more important, for Raytheon, for me to be alive than it is for me to get a little extra done and then die. So, I'm going to take it easy. Take a lunch break. Leave on time regardless. Delegate.

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