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Okay, so there is a big push at work to save electricity. Great. I'm all for that. Why do they then install electric paper towel dispensers, electric faucets and electric soap dispensers? They also recently added an electronic billboard outside on the road from the entrance to the parking lot.

That very sign proclaimed that the Chinese rebel army will have representatives on site today for some meeting. I'm not feeling comfortable with this.

I forgot to bring my breakfast and lunch to work today. IF I get time to eat today, I'll have to eat down at the cafeteria. Speaking of which, I ran into John Lee, Mike Horgan, and Gregg Jernigan yesterday at lunch. The class I took in Tewksbury had a lunch break, with lunch chits. Nice. Anyway, I sat down and ate with them. I didn't know who Gregg was until I caught sight of his badge on his way out.

Ah crap, I've also got the homework from class to do before Thursday. Yeah right. I need to get the software installed on my computer first.

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