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Home again. The trip was uneventful. It did flurry a little on the way, although the thermometer claimed it was well 45 degrees. The car thermometer stays in the English system even when the rest of the controls are switched to the metric system. Ah well.

Aiyre was up a lot during the night keeping me from sleeping. I'm still kind of sick and was really tired. All the running around chasing her yesterday wore me out. I also got a parking ticket while visiting KKB. I questioned the officer about it and it turns out that NY state law requires 15 feet on either side of a fire hydrant to be clear. I was expecting maybe the 3-5 feet directly in front of the hydrant, but a 30 foot section. Geesh. I was only 6'6" from the hydrant, according to the ticket.

I was also expecting something like 15-20 bucks for the ticket. Nope, $55 if paid within 20 days, $110 otherwise. Ouch. I should bring some paint with me on the next visit to mark the 'zone' so I can avoid it.

I'm still not feeling great and I have a headache. Hopefully I get can get well over night for tomorrow I have to work.

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