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Well my section manager finally got our section's reviews back from HR. Mine seems to be a slight rewrite of last years review. Seemed to cover all the same stuff. According to my manager the category I was in covers the top 5-30% of people in my job category.

Raytheon seems to grade on curve and force everything to that curve. The top category, Far Exceed Requirements is only allowed around 5-10% of the people. The next category, Exceeds Requirements, which is where I ended up, allows for 10-20% of the people. Up to 5% can end up in the Needs Improvement bucket and everyone else simply Meets Requirements. It looks like 65-80% of all people here will just Meets Requirements. I've never ended up in that category yet.

As you get promoted the requirements get harder to meet and so you are more likely to fall down a rung till you fall into the Meets Requirements bucket and don't get promoted anymore. Ah, well, I'll have to see what the pay adjustment comes out to be.

On the up side he was willing to help me get off UEWR and onto CJR. He is the Integration Lead on CJR right now and he is also attempting to switch out of it. I said, "No thanks." All I need to do is define what I do as Integration Lead and find/train a replacement.

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