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Our dryer has acted up again. We just got a bent ball joint fixed a couple weeks ago. Now the thing does heat up anymore. It is a high powered cloths tumbler and fan. Emily and I took the thing apart yesterday afternoon and I tested a bunch of eletrical pathways. I couldn't find anything broken.

After some tests we managed to get it setup so we could run the thing without the drum and open so I could test things inside. No power to the heat coil. I tested the coil by itself with an old power cord. Apply eletricity and it heats right up. Tested out some fuses and sensors. They all seem to be passing the electricity right through. Damn. Seems like it is maybe the controller box or maybe the circuit board on the side. I'm not sure how to test or repair either of those.

Emily looked only for replacement parts and the controller is like 75 bucks. Ouch. Kind of an expensive test. I think shes going to either call the repair people and try to pin the problem on them or price out a new dryer. We need to get one which stacks with our existing washer.

The current washer/dryer were new in October 2000. So.. they are about 5.5 years old. I asked my section manager and he indicated that his dryer lasted 12 years but when he asked the salespeople about lifespans on these things they indicated the average lifespan is 5 years. Maybe we already exceeded the average?

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