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Cookie Monster!

Emily made peanut butter cookies yesterday. Yummy yummy in the tummy. I ate too many. Aiyre swiped one. They are not GFCF, so we had to get it back and make her spit it out. *sigh*

I'm planning to take her out to Schenectady next weekend to visit mom. I'm not sure how it will go. I may take her out to visit for a couple days over spring break too. Depends on what is going on around here. Last break we caught a movie with the autistic support group, which she enjoyed.

We'll be playing Vampire again today. I'm still looking to add that vampire flavor to the game. So far it feels like any other game but where everyone is a vampire. I need to capture some of that uniqueness that is VTM.

We're still sick. I had a sore throat yesterday and this morning. Evan, Emily, and I have stuffy noses and coughs and stuff. *sigh*

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