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Ah, a day off. How nice it is. How nice it was. Didn't do much. Hung around, went for a bike ride, watched the two movies Don loaned me(Dr. Strangelove and Gattaca), played The Sims 2 and Civilization 4 as well.

We've already been to the mall for an hour of walking around with Aiyre this morning. Its nice out, but its only supposed to get up to like 5 or so. brr. Last weekend was much nicer.

Well, the stock price is up above my option price($44.45). I feel like Homer in one of those Simpsons episodes. He cashes out right away when the stock price rises and get like $50. The rest of the employees wait till the end of the day and end up with $50,000. I've only got 180 shares so I doubt the price will rise that much. I did manage to check out the latest issue of Money. In it they push Defense stocks and Raytheon sticks out as the highest growth, highest yield, and lowest stock price of the list. Not sure how much longer the price will rise. The current rise has nothing to do with new contracts or performance, so I'm expect that when next month's issue comes out the price will drop as people scramble to the next recommendation.


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