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Like a Fox?

If you went crazy would you be able to tell? Everywhere I looked this morning on the way to work I thought I saw people from work. There is Steve. There is Showket. There is Peter. There is Bill Schley. I saw Steve on the mass pike. Showket and Bill I driving next to me on route 9. Peter was doing landscaping in front of the Edgewater Apartments. On later inspection Showket turned out to be a woman, Bill was a fat kid, and Peter was hispanic.

So I pull into the parking lot and park. Steve pulls up and parks right next to me. He was driving a different car now. He was in a silver 4 door sedan on the pike and now he had a black SUV.

I know I need a break. I'm taking off tomorrow. With luck, no one from work will stop by to see me.

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