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The stock went up again. Just over $45 now. I think if the price gets to $47 I'll have to call in those options, if they have not expired at that point.

Emily reports she is sick again this morning. Doh. I'm not better yet, but moving forward. At this stage I've just got nasal issues. Emily has regressed to the beginning stage(sore throat).

Aiyre was kind of flaky yesterday. Emily took her to the mall to run off some energy. She go upset last night because we did bed time in the wrong order. She's supposed to brush her teeth, go potty, and then to bed. Well, she went potty, then brushed her teeth, and to bed. Well, she started crying in bed. I went in to check and she was upset. Eventually we got her up to use the potty, gave her some Tylenol and she went back to be bed happy as a clam. She's moved to nasal portion of the cold.

Only 2 more days this week(taking off Friday). I've got to go deal with the Babson College thing tomorrow(pay day). I suppose I see any bonus in my paycheck before I get told about it at the ceremony.

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