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Emily found the house down the street on by searching for a 3 car garage with a pool in zip code 01604. It was on the top of the list. They wanted $239K for the 2 bedroom, 1090 square foot house on a 50x100 plot of land.

Mom came to visit yesterday. She is much more mobile and was able to chase Aiyre around a bit. Aiyre has turned our backyard into a mudpit. We'll have to keep her out of the backyard for a couple weeks while it drys out and solidifies.

We are all still fighting this cold. I feel fine, but have a stuffy nose on occasion. Aiyre has a stuffy nose too. We can hear Evan sleeping in the baby monitor because his nose it stuffed too. He wakes himself up everyone once in a while by coughing a bunch. For the most part he goes back to sleep afterwards.

Kinda cold this morning after the last two days of 70 degree weather.

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