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Sail Sale!

The house 2 or 3 doors down from us is for sale. It's listed by Brian Schofield and Remax. The sign is on the property line so I'm not sure which house is actually for sale. Both houses are owned by one owner so maybe both are for sale. They both got a visit by a pest control company yesterday. Not sure what they sprayed for, but they did spray.

Aiyre has been making some strange drawing at home, I'm going to have to scan in a couple for user pics. I don't think she is attempting to show various ranges of emotion in the picture, but the placement and sizing of the facial components do seem to express some emotion.

I slept pretty good last night. I'm still kind of stuffy and have a bit of a cough. Hopefully I continue to get better. I'm looking forward to having a couple days off. Mom is coming out to visit tomorrow. Vampire game on Sunday.

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