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AAA towed the car to the dealer for me. Cost me 12 bucks. The dealer had several mechanics call in sick today, so they can't look at my car till tomorrow. *sigh* I caught the shuttle home. I'm not waiting for Emily and Evan to return so I can swipe the Honda and go to work.

The dryer has something wrong with it. The insides rub together and squeek. The noise is pretty awful, high pitched and quite annoying. It happens at the beginning of a cycle and at the end of a cycle for about 5-10 minutes each time. Emily really hates it because she is here much more and with the four of us making dirty cloths we do laundry at least everyday. Not sure if we can fix it or get a replacement without major headaches. The dryer is stacked on top of the washer and if we replace it we would need to get a dryer which could also be stacked on top of this particular washer.

I've been reading Obsidian Butterfly by Laurell K. Hamilton. It's one of the Anita Blake vampire hunter series. So far so good. I'm just about to the resolution portion, page 436 of 583. Once I get into this next section I expect I will not want to put the book down till I'm done.

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