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Was Paul Right?

Aw crap. Last weekend I toyed around with buying a new car, but after doing a Formalized Decision Making Matrix, I decided to keep my old car. Well, today my car died. Okay, maybe not died. When I start it up I get error messages on my LCD and lots of smoke out the back. I also hear a knocking or harsh clicking from the engine. Shortly thereafter the engine cuts out. I can start it again, but it follows the same progression. The knocking seems to come from underneath the spark plugs. Checking the oil, the oil level is way above the high oil pip on the dip stick(yes, I wiped it off, etc). So.. we may have oil in the cylinders and all that crap.

We planned to have AAA tow the car to the Toyota place tomorrow morning. Justin suggested they'd only tow it 3 miles to the nearest service station for free. We'll have to check. It may still be cheaper to have them tow it than someone else. We only get it serviced at the dealer. If they overfilled the oil then they should be responsible for any damage it caused.

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