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dauphinous saved me a trip to Thats Entertainment and went today. She bought 3 book, two of which we already owned, a shrek print, and got the rest on a giftcard for pfloyd. We managed to relax, chat, and play with Evan for an hour or so till Aiyre got home.

I took Aiyre to Target and Barnes and Noble at the Blackstone Valley Shoppes. Aiyre is now filling her tummy. Hopefully the food with sit with her better. Last evening she had an accident and then got up around midnight to make some more crap. We got a note from the teacher that she had a BM incident at school. She was sent home in school cloths and her cloths were in plastic bags. Doh!

Heard a bit on the radio about some company making Prius kits that add battery packs, adjust the computer, and add a plug. It makes it so the mileage goes way up if you plug the car in overnight. The interviewer's sample trip was around 98 miles per gallon. The eletricity bill ends up lower than the gas bill. The kit goes for about $12000, ouch.

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